Snowboarders delighted with 'awesome' PyeongChang course

Snowboarders delighted with 'awesome' PyeongChang course

07 February 2018 / 14:56

Snowboarder Billy Morgan has given the thumbs up to the Olympic slopestyle course after his initial inspection in PyeongChang.

Morgan spent time with team-mates Jamie Nicholls, Rowan Coultas, Aimee Fuller and Katie Ormerod trying to master every twist and turn of the obstacle pitted course at the Phoenix Sports Park.

Slopestyle made its debut in Sochi and features a course pitted with a range of obstacles, which Morgan and co hope to navigate in the most stylish and attention-grabbing way possible.

Four years ago he finished tenth, after making the final as the best qualifier, while Nicholls just missed out not the medals in sixth.

Coultas is making his debut in PyeongChang, Fuller is looking to improve on her 17th place in Sochi and then there is Ormerod.

The 20-year-old is a World Cup winner and made the podium at last year’s Olympic test event but she picked up a minor wrist fracture during her first day of training on Wednesday.,

“The course is awesome but unfortunately I slipped off a rail and have a minor fracture to my wrist,” she said.

“I’m totally fine and looking forward to continuing to train and getting ready to compete on Sunday.”

Meanwhile, Morgan admitted a feeling of excitement rather than nervousness as he prepares to start Team GB’s Olympic campaign in the early hours of Saturday morning - with Sunday's final Team GB's first major medal opportunity.

“The course is pretty epic, the jumps are really on point,” he said.

“I was actually quite chilled being out there for the first time. Normally I ride contests and I'm bricking it. But it was a good sign and it will make it easier for my stress levels to be a bit more mellow, cruising around.

“Things will get a lot narlier when it comes to the competition though. I think it's better not to make expectations of what something should be like and just get here and work it out.”

Nicholls also believes the course will offer him chances to improve on his result from four years ago.

“The slopestyle course is really nice this year,” he said. “The jumps are a little bit more mellow, the rails are really big but it works.

“It settles the nerves a little bit once you get to ride the first practice.You can expect to see some good runs being put down. 

“It's going to be really good because the course is way more creative than the last Olympics. It's not just going to be boring where everyone hits the same rail, there's going to be a lot of different things going down.”

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