Q&A with Team GB hockey star Alastair Brogdon

Q&A with Team GB hockey star Alastair Brogdon

14 July 2016 / 15:16

Bowdon-born Alastair Brogdon made his international debut seven years ago and was capped for the 100th time in 2014. He plays club hockey for Wimbledon and is also talented at golf – playing off a handicap of 6.

Who is your Olympic hero and why?

“I have two: Steve Redgrave and Matthew Pinsent. They are 2 incredible athletes who showed an immense desire to achieve and keep achieving at the highest level over a considerable amount of time.

It was this ability to constantly push themselves and deal with the sacrifices they had to make to stay ahead of their competitors over such a long period that makes them Olympic heroes for me.”

What do you remember about the first Olympics you watched?

“My two lasting memories of the 1996 Olympics are Linford Christie getting disqualified from the 100m final after two false starts and Michael Johnson winning both the 200m & 400m Gold in his unforgettable all-Gold running shoes.

Johnson’s performances inspired me to want to win Olympic Gold, whilst Christie's disqualification illustrated the importance of being able to execute under pressure and the consequences if you don’t.”

What is the most important number in your life?

“I wear the shirt number 11. That is my most important number. Growing up, my favourite footballer was Ryan Giggs as he played for the team I supported - Manchester United - and he had speed, skill and the ability to open up any defence. I saw these attributes in me and my hockey and that’s why I wear the number 11.”

What do you like about hockey?

“It’s a fast, skilful and exciting team sport whilst also enabling you to be 1 part of a really close knit community.”

How did you realise you could be good at it?

“I’ve got 2 older brothers and pitting myself against them in different sports gave me a good idea. I’d say I definitely knew when I consistently started to beat my older brother in our fiercely contested games of garden tennis!”

How many countries have you travelled to for your sport?

“16 so far. Its difficult to choose a favourite but I’d go with a combination of India - as their passion for hockey is huge and the atmosphere you get at tournaments is brilliant; Australia – because there's sun, beaches, cool cities and we’ve had some great battles against them over the years; and England - as you can’t beat playing with the support of a home crowd behind you.”

What is your training regime?

“I train for six days a week and do a total of around 15 hours every week.”

What kit do you wear out most?

“My Astroturf shoes – I get through about six pairs in a year.”

Do you have any pre-game rituals?

“Yes - I lay out every bit of kit and equipment on my bed in 1 specific way before every match. I also always listen to music on the bus to a match.”

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