Life after Rio: Marcus Ellis

Life after Rio: Marcus Ellis

12 October 2016 / 14:44

We went in to the Olympics in Rio as underdogs and when we won bronze we couldn’t quite believe what we had done. We went into the competition knowing we could compete with the best players in the world when we played well but to play so well and perform as consistently as we did throughout the whole tournament is something we haven’t done before.

For me it was my first multi-sport games, I went in not really knowing what to expect but it was an unbelievable experience. Badminton is obviously an individual sport but it felt like a team because there was so many athletes from other sports wanting you to do well. You had like a wind behind you almost like you were riding a wave.

In terms of the winning point, I remember Chris (Langridge) appealed a service on match-point but it was his decision to make. I couldn’t see it but we were on match point so there was no reason not to call it. After five seconds we were reasonably convinced it was a good call so I didn’t have an issue with it.


He’s made some terrible calls in the past but not on crucial points, it’s a really good system that you can review line calls because had that not been the case they would have got the serve back and who knows what could have happened.

Badminton was long overdue some success; we’ve gone without a medal for a few years now but they’ve put a lot of work in at the National Badminton Centre. We knew eventually it would pay dividends but the Olympics is only once every four years and it’s all got to come together. This time we nailed it and everything came together for that week.

We’ve had the British guys who have won Olympic badminton medals in the past contact us and say well done, it’s an amazing feeling and to be part of the exclusive club who have achieved Olympic success in Britain is pretty special. No matter what we end up doing in our careers it is something that we’ll always remember and be proud of.

Marcus Ellis and Chris Langridge win bronze at Rio 2016

We’ve heard nothing but positive things since we got back from Brazil, people tell us participation numbers have been up here, there and everywhere. Whether it’s because of us or anyone else it doesn’t matter, its fantastic for the sport and we’re proud to be a part of it.

We’re excited to go to tournaments now and try and replicate what we’ve done. Hopefully we can carry that into the next few tournaments but being in Rio was very special. We’ve got a very good plan leading up to the next Olympics so hopefully we can give it another go.

I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has helped me from when I started badminton as a six-year-old to the 27-year-old I am now, my very first coach to the ones I have now and everyone in between. The support has been amazing.

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