Everything Counts: Joe Clarke

Everything Counts: Joe Clarke

11 May 2016 / 13:24

Joe Clarke

Born: 03/11/1992

Sport: Canoe Slalom

Inspired by a Scouts kayaking trip, Joe Clarke took up the sport aged 11 and has been competing since 2009. He is a two-time world championship medal winner in K-1 team canoe slalom and Rio will be his first Olympic Games.

When did you get into your sport and what inspired you?

2004 —When I saw Campbell Walsh win an Olympics silver medal.

How many sacrifices have you made to do your sport?

100s —I have sacrificed the pleasures of a normal everyday life. When I was younger I missed my school prom, my friends’ and family members’ birthday parties, weddings and funerals. You name it I have probably missed it!

What number matters most to you?

2 —The number I want to hit for a combined bench press/pull compared to body weight before the Olympic Games.

How many countries has your sport taken you to?

15 — And, of all of them, New Zealand is the most picturesque  with some amazing white water.

What’s your most impressive gym number?

820 — The number of watts on the kayak ergo

Do you have any number superstitions?

3 — The number of times I splash my face in the start pool

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