Christie says 'I'll be back' for Olympics number four in Beijing
Short Track Speed Skating

Christie says 'I'll be back' for Olympics number four in Beijing

21 February 2018 / 03:33
Elise Christie insists she will be back in four years time to chase that Olympic medal.


The three-time world champion had big hopes for these Games but in short track speed skating, meticulous preparation and detailed planning doesn’t always reap dividends.

In the past she has joked about tackling a different sport at the Games, track cycling or even skeleton. But it’s on the ice where her hearts lie despite a difficult week in South Korea.
“I’ll be back in Beijing,” she promised. “For all the success I’ve had, I can’t let this define me. 

“I’m going to get myself so strong that I’ll get out in front and get away from everyone and that’ll be the focus now.

“I’m world champion and world record holder and I've proved myself. I wanted to bring it home for Britain, I could sense the support of the nation all the way from here. 

“It would've meant the world to me. I'm devastated that I couldn't do it but I know this is short-track.”
And there’s no Olympic jinx in her mind, it’s just a case of very bad luck, 11 global medals since 2014, including becoming overall world champion last year, just underlining her point.

“It’s just the way short track goes sometimes,” she added. 

“I’ve had three races that were rubbish in the last four years and unfortunately they were all here,

“I can’t even count on two hands how many gold medals I’ve won since Sochi.

“It’s not about not coping with the pressure. I was nowhere near as stressed here as I was at last year’s World Championships because that was always the dream, to be the overall best skater in the world.

“It’s just unlucky and you couldn’t have written this in a book.”
Christie insisted she had no regrets about racing, just three days after suffering soft tissue damage in her right ankle after a heavy fall in the 1500m quarter-finals.

And she paid tribute to all the support she’s received from the UK.

“It’s been such a tough two days to turn this around and my ankle has doubled in size,” she added. 

“Getting it into my skate was hard enough and I gave it my best shot.

“I was thinking about everyone back home watching and I just felt that I deserved to give it a go for them.

“I had so many messages and some of them have made me quite emotional, all the kids that have used Twitter to contact me, they’ve told me I’m their inspiration, their hero. I just wanted to do it for them.

"I was bullied as a kid and no one had my back and now everyone has my back, I've got four years to get ready to repay them."

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