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Joel Fearon Blog: Sprinting gives me edge over rivals

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December 9, 2013 08:47 am

It may now well and truly be winter but I am still benefitting from my summer spent sprinting as Britain’s four-man bobsleigh team gear up for Sochi 2014.

Joel Fearon Blog: Sprinting gives me edge over rivals

It was all just training – racing helps you to build speed every day and get better at competing which is very important for what we do.

It was massive for me to have such a massive summer season and it has given me a lot of confidence now I am into the winter season with bobsleigh.

Just getting your preparation sorted out fills you with confidence because you know there aren’t many bobsledders in the world that can do what I did.

All good things come out of it, nothing bad. As a four-man team we spend a lot of time together, I sometimes wander off and do my own thing, but we spend a lot of time together and carry on the plan.

For us it has been a plan for the last two years. John Jackson, our pilot, has had a little bit of a setback with injury but we are still bounds ahead of where we thought we would be. It is such a good place to be coming up to the Olympics next year, we are very confident.

We went from tenth in 2012 to fifth this year at the World Championships, so just that and the fact that we have got so much more to offer this year than we had last year gives us massive amounts of confidence.

To know we were only seven hundredths of a second off a medal at this year’s World Championships gives us even more confidence and it is a really good time for us to be here, we are really feeling ourselves. 

Confidence is such a big thing for an athlete, with your mind you can win or lose a race in an instant but doing a lot of work on the track has taught me that if you are there mentally there you can physically bring yourself up.

Sometimes if you aren’t mentally there, it doesn’t matter what attributes you have to offer. We have done all the training, done all the work, we know what we can do.

I tag the guys on the team as the best in the world and the fact that we have got all of these things it’s about enjoying it and being confident with what we’ve got.

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