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A day in the life of Cross Country Skier: Andrew Musgrave

Olympic Blog

November 28, 2013 14:57 pm

I usually get up at about 7ish. The first thing I do is to get some porridge on the go. I used to think that porridge was boring, but since moving to Norway I have decided that it is actually dead good. Probably because it is really cheap, in a country where everything is expensive!

Once I have got breakfast out of the way it's time to sort out equipment for training. If it's winter then I will head down to the garage and wax my skis. I usually end up doing this in a hurry, because I discover that I am late (I tend to spend much too much time on Facebook). Once my skis are sorted I jump into the car and head off to the ski trails to meet up for the morning's session. Depending on the day I will either be out for a longer endurance session, or a shorter high intensity session.

Session over, and feeling pretty tired and hungry I will head back home for lunch. I love eggs. Lunch usually consists of a couple slices of bread with lots of poached eggs and ketchup. If I am lucky then I won't have any lectures at uni right after lunch. I will then chill out, and maybe take a nap. After, I usually do a bit of uni-work at home, or if I have a lecture then I will head to university.  

The days second training session usually starts at around 4pm. Either a second session skiing, or strength. The gym is about 5minutes drive, so I get in the car and head off. I get a strength program from the Scottish Institute of Sport. It changes depending on when in the season it is, but I quite often have squats, cleans, dips, pull and some core exercises on the program. I finish off the session by doing some stretching. I am pretty much the world's most inflexible person, so I reckon stretching is probably quite useful for me.

After strength I head back home for dinner. Me and some friends will usually eat together. If it is my turn to cook then I will try and make as much mess as possible, because it is the others turn to do the washing up. If the others are cooking then I will stand around complaining about how much mess they are making, in the vain hope that they will feel bad and offer to do the washing-up (this never works.. but it doesn't stop me trying!)

After dinner I will watch some TV, read or a book or do anything any normal person does in the evening. I normally go to bed about 11ish. In time for a good 8 hours sleep!

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