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Chemmy Alcott Blog: Sochi will be my best Olympics

Olympic Blog

December 13, 2013 15:09 pm

Rehab is going fantastically. I have been jumping in the altitude trainer and everything is on track.

Obviously the leg break was a little blip last minute but I know how to deal with it and I know how to come back stronger.

I’ll be skiing by December, racing by January and then peaking for February. I’m a bit of a veteran at the Olympics and I know how to fast-track my performance so that I will be at my best then. It takes me three days to ski fast.

I’ll tell you my targets for Sochi when I’m on the plane there. I really want to race in December but it might be a little bit too early so I might just be joining the World Cup tour in January.

I’ll be doing the speed events in Sochi, the giant slalom and, if my leg is OK, the slalom then obviously the combined because that’s what my eighth in the world ranking was in. I just won’t be doing the slalom itself.

Between now and Sochi I’ll continue training with the Norwegians. I really enjoyed skiing with the Canadians and it was sad that they don’t run their programme anymore.

But training with the Norwegians is very spicy, the girls are really young, they are attacking Vikings and that’s their philosophy so they do need someone with my kind of experience and tactics.

Sadly I missed their first race so I had to watch that on the TV but I know what I can offer them and I think as a team we will be really strong.

I’ve tended to struggle around February in my career so far because I tend to ski fast at the beginning of the season and the end of the season and have a bit of a low down then.

Obviously this hasn’t been intentional coming into the season so late but it will be interesting if I can keep the momentum building as I usually can for the beginning of the season. I will definitely get better than 11th at Sochi!