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Adam Rosen: Sochi could be my track

Olympic Blog

November 18, 2013 09:02 am

Sochi would be my third Olympics and my ambition is pretty simple – just to do better than I have in the past.

The one thing that is really driving me towards Sochi is the belief that I can really do well at these Olympics.

It's hard to put an exact place on it but I certainly want to improve on 16th, which is where I ranked in Turin and Vancouver.

It's easy to say I didn't progress between the Turin and Vancouver Olympics but you have to take into account that I was injured for four months in late 2009 and that impacted on my performance.

I dislocated my hip and tore four ligaments just five months before the Games. The doctor said I'd be lucky to be walking again by the opening ceremony. I consider that actually competing was an achievement.

On the right day I could be top ten but who knows. I’m not going just to compete, I want to do well.

Obviously when you do a sport you believe in your ability and you want to prove that you have what it takes to be right up there with the top people in the world.

There’s no reason why we can’t have a luger winning a medal from Britain in the future – but only with the right funding and equipment but obviously that's a hard formula to get right. The best nations in the world are incredibly well funded and they have a real strength in depth.

I'm the only member of the British luge team at the World Cup, though there are some signs others might be coming through, which is really exciting.

I lost all of my funding after Vancouver and I didn’t compete. It’s just one season but it’s almost two years of your life to get back into it.

My first year back was pretty rusty but last season went really well and I couldn't be happier looking towards the Olympics.

Obviously the track in Whistler was very controversial because of the tragedy of what happened there before the Games.

Those days were incredibly sad for everyone involved in the sport, it was a strange and surreal time but if luge really was as dangerous as some people say, none of us would be doing it.  

There is definitely a thrill-seeking element but it's a calculated risk. I believe in my ability to make it down the track, otherwise I would stop immediately.

The organisers in Sochi have designed a technical track that is less about pure speed.

In some ways it helps me because the start ramp is steep, which suits my style, but one problem could be the weather. 

It’s very hot there so the ice could be very frosty and then one hour later very fast, so that could be something to be watchful about. 

I do think, if the conditions are good, then it could be my track. It’s not very difficult to make it down to the bottom but it is difficult to be fast.

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