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Life After London 2012

Beth Tweddle

March 20, 2013 16:27 pm

On Friday 15th March we held a live chat on our @TeamGB channel with Beth Tweddle, @bethtweddlenews. Thank you to everyone who sent through questions in advance on Twitter and Facebook; we tried to get through as many as possible! Below are the questions and answers from our chat (hashtag #AskBeth).


@TeamGB Hi Beth, thanks for taking time out to chat to us today & congratulations on winning #DOI 

@TeamGB Our 1st question is from Rebecca Mcarthur-Mcfadden - What inspired you to be an Olympian? 

@bethtweddlenews I remember watching Sydney & thinking I would love to go. Unfortunately I was too young so Athens was the one to aim for.

@TeamGB Before competing do you ever get really nervous? via Alex Morris

@bethtweddlenews I'm quite anti-social prior to competitions. I still get nervous but some nerves are good, Its learning how to cope with them.

@TeamGB Do you have any superstitions before competing? via Ant Simpson 

@bethtweddlenews I used to think I did like a lucky leotard etc but I soon realised it is all about the hard work done prior to the event. 

@TeamGB Who were your Gymnastics inspirations when you were a young girl? Via @LorraineO24

@bethtweddlenews I loved Lilia Podkopayeva in the 1996 Olympics. I could watch her floor routine over and over again.

@TeamGB What advice would u give someone who would like to be a gymnast? via Eve Di Nucci

@bethtweddlenews The best piece of advice I can give 2 anyone is to find a local club and go along with a friend and make sure you enjoy it.

@TeamGB Have you thought about the Olympics in Rio? via Lisa Carolanne Capon 

@bethtweddlenews I do not have any plans to compete at Rio in 2016! Definitely down to the younger ones!

@TeamGB Who do you think can follow in her footsteps & win international medals for #TeamGB Women's Gymnastics via @LorraineO24

@bethtweddlenews Well @HannahkWhelan has already picked up International medals & I think @Rebecca_Tunney & Gabby Jupp have the potential.

@TeamGB What was the most challenging part of going from being an Olympian to a skater? via Hollie Gordon

@bethtweddlenews There were two parts one had to be the posture. I am used to straight legs and pointed toes and suddenly it was all about the bended knees and the second part was the performance element. I had to work really hard at that part.

@TeamGB Which was your favourite Routine In Dancing on Ice that you skated? via @RichardWarcup

@bethtweddlenews that is really difficult to answer, before the final it was hands down Clown. After the final i do not know because I really enjoyed all 3 but I think the honour and privilege of performing the Bolero has to take top spot.

@TeamGB Has ice skating opened your horizons further to where you might take your sporting pursuits in the future? via Hannah Gott

@bethtweddlenews Dancing on Ice was a new challenge and one that I loved but I am not sure of any long term plans. For now I am in the gym training..

@TeamGB #GB #iceskater @davidking_dk asked, Is Beth watching the British team in their quest for Sochi spots here at the World Champs?

@bethtweddlenews I will be following to see how they get on. I can really appreciate how difficult it actually is now.

@TeamGB In 2012 you won your Olympic Medal, this year you won Dancing on Ice. What will you do to top the last year? via Clare Leivers

@bethtweddlenews to be honest that is a question I would love to know the answer to. Watch this space to find out.

@TeamGB Thank you so much for your time and answers Beth!  - Sorry if we didn’t get to your question, we had to many to get through!