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Q&A with Snowboarder Ben Kilner

Ben Kilner

April 29, 2013 22:24 pm

Each month we hold a Twitter Q&A session with a winter athlete. This month we spoke to snowboarder and 2013 British Halfpipe Champion, Ben Kilner @benkilner. Below are the questions and answers from our chat (hashtag #AskBenKilner).

@TeamGB What's the best way to persuade my nervous daughter to start boarding? She'd love it but is scared! Via @MichaelJohnTP

@benkilner Take her to your local slope or snowdome for a lesson! Skateboarding also helps too!

@TeamGB where's the best resort for an intermediate snowboarder looking to move up to an advanced class? via ‏@MarksJournal

‏@benkilner Your best bet is either Laax, Switzerland, Breckenridge, Colorado or mayrhofen, Austria! Good luck!

@TeamGB do you think the Olympic spirit and euphoria shown at London will carry over to the winter games? via @ellioott

@benkilner Yes! And I think London has def given us the edge. Britain will have a very strong winter team this year.

@TeamGB if you could compete in any other #Olympic #sport what would it be? Via @fireyhair

@benkilner I would choose Track Cycling or Downhill Skiing! These are my favourite to watch!

@TeamGB Is it tricky trying a non-traditional sport in the UK? via @JumpMag

@benkilner It's very tricky financially but facilities are getting better here in the UK and are becoming much more available! :-)

@TeamGB Ben how do you liaise with your S&C coach when on the road all the time? via @mjrtitch1979

‏@benkilner My S&C coach is awesome, I see him as much as possible when home and I'm given a great program to stick to whilst away.

@TeamGB Who do you train with? And who's inspiring you to ride harder? via @Damonstreet

@benkilner I train with @billymorgan89 and the rest of the @GBFreestyleSB team! They are an awesome bunch! Plenty of laughs!

@TeamGB What can you do to help improve your boarding, other than actually boarding? via @JumpMag

@benkilner Trampolines!!! They are perfect for aerial awareness! And fun too. I also skateboard and think that helps! :-)

@TeamGB How much support have your family given you? And could you have made it without them? via @Damonstreet

@benkilner I wouldnt be where I am without my parents! I still used the 'Bank of Mum and Dad' until I was 18. I'm forever thankful.

@TeamGB some questions now from our fans on our Facebook channel! Where is the best place you have boarded?

@benkilner Best places for me have to be Mammoth lakes, California and Breckenridge, Colorado! For Europe I love Laax in Switzerland.

@TeamGB What inspired you to want to compete at such a high level?

@benkilner I remember watching the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake and decided I wanted to compete for my country! Best decision I've ever made.

@TeamGB What did it then mean to you to be selected to compete at the Vancouver Games?

‏@benkilner It was a dream come true and getting that phone call confirming my place for Team GB was an absolutely awesome feeling!!!

@TeamGB What is your best memory from the Vancouver Games?

@benkilner Best memory has to be celebrating @skeletonamy's Gold in the British HQ. We all gathered the TV and ran around the room like kids!

@TeamGB How do you think Sochi will compare to Vancouver and how have you developed as an athlete since the last Games?

‏@benkilner I think Sochi has a lot to live up to but I'm sure they will put on a great show. My run will be far better this (cont)...time and I look forward to seeing where it gets me. Fingers crossed!!

@TeamGB and on a last note is there a story we should know about how you got your nickname 'Kildog'??

‏@benkilner It all came from the movie 'Top Gun'! We were giving each other pilot call names and 'Kildog' stuck! I kinda like it!