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I remember when Rhona Howie won curling gold at the Salt Lake City

Anna Sloan

November 6, 2013 09:40 am

I remember when Rhona Howie won curling gold at the Salt Lake City 2002 Olympic Winter Games – but for being allowed to stay up extra late more than anything.

I remember when Rhona Howie won curling gold at the Salt Lake City

There was obviously a lot of buzz but I was really excited for that reason alone. It is great to have Rhona on board now as our coach now though.

We did well at this year’s World Championships, winning gold, but the Olympics is such a different ball game. For the four of us that have been selected only Eve [Muirhead] has been to a Games.

Rhona is good to have on board to share experiences because she knows firsthand what it is going to be like for the other three of us in Sochi.

She’s been at an Olympics and she has been successful and she has also been at an Olympics and not been successful and so from both sides of the spectrum it helps.

I also remember being at university in Glasgow when the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games were on. Every time a class finished I would watch and that was all I did for those two weeks.

Eve came out saying the reason she didn’t win was because she didn’t work hard enough. I think the Games showed her firsthand how hard you actually have to work.

And it is quite good that Eve has that experience because we know we’ve also got to train that hard. Eve isn’t going to win the Olympics without us and we aren’t going to win it without Eve.

We have the European Championships towards the end of November and that will lead us onto the Olympics. It is going really fast.

For the past two years we’ve all pretty much been full-time but usually we would all work in the summer so the summer just gone was the first where we’ve all just gone full-time.

I was studying in Glasgow for three years and worked over the summers and this is the first time I’ve been full-time. It was nice to have more time to recover and not go into work and then train.