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Celebrating 1 year to go until Sochi 2014

Amy Williams

February 7, 2013 16:43 pm

On Thursday 7th February, to mark one year to go until Sochi 2014, I held a live Twitter Q&A on @TeamGB. Thank you for all your questions and sorry I couldn’t get through them all!

First though, I received some questions in advance from students at the Loreto High School in Manchester:

Sherin:  How did you get into the Olympic sport of ‘skeletoning?’ 

Amy: I was a sprinter and I lived in Bath where there is a push track

Sherin:  What is the scariest part of the event? 

Amy: Stopping, as there are no brakes!

Tamzin:  How did you feel winning the gold medal? 

Amy: Words can't describe it, everything I have ever worked for paid off.

Nareese: What advice would you give to young people looking to get into the sport of ‘skeletoning?’ 

Amy: Make sure you work on your sprinting and join a talent ID camp.                                                                                                                                       

Tia: Who are your sporting idols? 

Amy I have always admired people or athletes who keep trying and work hard.

Kaitlyn: Who is an up and coming star in your sport? Who should we look out for at the next Olympics? 

Amy: Keep an eye on Lizzy Arnold, skeleton, Ellie Christie, short track and James Woods ski slopestyle.


Now the live questions from Twitter:

@LauraJ2803: What was your favourite track to race at?

Amy: Hi Laura, my favourite track to race at was the Vancouver track, loved the style and speed.


@LauraJ2803: what is the worst crash you had while competing and where was it?

Amy: My worst crash was on St Moritz track, horseshoe corner, it gets me every time!


@SkyBlueAmy23: if you were to compete in the summer Olympics what event would you do?

Amy: I would do three-day eventing or pole vault..I think!


@TMortimerHUN: Would you rather own a pet horse, or a pet komodo dragon? Or both?!

Amy: 100% a horse! However a komodo dragon would be interesting!


@phillyrovers: Amy can you describe the first moment you got on and ran your first skeleton?

Amy: It was exhilarating, scary, emotion, frightening....every emotion possible! 


@xenon21: hi Amy. Do you still sometimes go and enjoy ice skating?

Amy: I’ve done it once with ski Sunday and would definitely do it again!


@KarenStokes: What is the top speed you can travel down the runs? 

Amy: My top speed was Vancouver 92mph - hasn't been broken since! 


@TheJamieMac_RAE what did you have for breakfast this morning??

Amy: I was up early so grabbed a banana on way to #daybreak


‏@RossCassidy1 What was your best moment, appearing on Top Gear or winning Gold at Vancouver? :)

Amy: Of course the gold, it's been a lifetime ambition, however I do love ‪@BBC_TopGear‬‬!


‪@CalJFraser‬‬ Do you have to be at a specialist institution such as Bath Uni to get into winter sports other than skiing/snowboarding?

Amy: The skeleton team is based at bath uni, most sports have national centres though


‪@overdrivef1‬‬ How important is it to clear your mind and let the subconscious do its natural thing when you are on a run?

Amy: There's a fine line, it takes years of experience to get to the right head space


‪@SM11DGE‬‬ where is your career heading now?

Amy: Excited to now be ‪#BOA‬‬ ambassador for ‪#Sochi2014‬‬ & supporting the athletes


‪@MikeyK65‬‬ What is your favourite hobby/pastime outside of the skeleton?

Amy: horseriding was a big passion before skeleton - one day I'll get back into it!


‪@MarksJournal‬‬ how do you train for the Skeleton?

Amy: power speed based sport, sprinters training, then learning to slide on ice


‪@zhukov43‬‬ if you could be a superhero who would you be and why???

Amy: Not sure which superhero but I'd love to be able to fly and save on flights and air pollution!


‏‪@JoeyHigham‬‬ What do you rate your chances of getting another medal at Russia?

Amy: I've retired but skeleton have a great chance!


‪@JoeyHigham‬‬ ah ok :) who do you thinks our best medal hope?

Amy: athletes in ‪#skeleton‬‬, ‪#speedskating‬‬ & ‪#ski‬‬slopestyle


‏‪@BridieMarisol‬‬ Amy Williams - have you ever had a scary moment on the skeleton or are you genuinely fearless? :O

Amy: you crash a lot when learning, still have scary days but you embrace the challenge!


‪@knight2530‬‬ what's it like being an olympic athlete?

Amy: Great to achieve something for GB after a lifetime of hard work!


‪@Matt_Fell‬ If you weren't a solo athlete, what Olympic team sport would you play?‬

Amy: beach volley ball


‪@adydawson‬‬ How to focus better in training and blank out other things To get the most from training ?

Amy: Takes years of training and experience to get the focus right


‪@MarksJournal‬‬ what's the worst injury you've picked up from sliding?

Amy: ongoing back disk problems and multiple knee operations!


‪@hksports‬‬ Apart from skeleton, what would be your hottest ticket for ‪#Sochi2014‬‬?

‪ Amy: #shorttrack‬‬ and ‪#skislopestyle‬‬ are also hot tickets for‪#Sochi2014‬‬


‪@Firefighter_CK‬‬ what sort of things go through your mind when hurtling down the slopes? Or do you have to stay focused on what you're doing?

Amy: Stay very focused, thinking about what steers you are doing and body position


‏‪@mrjoemorgan‬‬ with the most competitive squad ever heading to ‪#Sochi2014‬‬, what advice will you be offering the athletes as the ambassador

Amy: I would tel them you're part of ‪#TeamGB‬‬ & you have all the support from the ‪#BOA‬‬. Keep your head down and focused on training


‏‪@ssjdatta‬‬ Do you think the Summer Olympic legacy has spread to the Winter sports or is there a lot more work to do?

Amy: yes, there has been increased interest & will be great to see the nation get behind the winter athletes


‏‪@RunningGirlSam‬‬ what music are you currently listening to?

Amy: having visited Texas this summer, I'm mostly listening to a bit of country and western